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home renovations services, home remodelling

At New View Home Services we specialize in home renovations to suit your budget. From complex re-builds to simple repairs we have the experience to ensure your complete satisfaction.

home renovations and landscaping

We understand that letting a contractor into your home can be a little overwhelming. At New View Home Services we take extra measures, not normally found in an industry of quick fixes, to ensure your complete satisfaction with absolute minimal disruption to your home life.

You have probably seen from TV what can happen when the wrong contractor is hired. Let New View Home Services show you how we create trust and comfort while we construct the perfect, Kitchen, Bathroom, Rec Room or Outdoor Living space for your home.


Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations services
At New View Home Services we specialize in Kitchen & Bathroom renovations or Kitchen & Bathroom construction. Your kitchen is typically the hub of a busy life. Everyday the kitchen is the center of our lives. A place where we connect, raise our children and so much more. At New View we take great care in our approach to Kitchen Renovations to ensure your needs are completely understood and exceeded. We are experts in kitchen remodeling and can show you how to maximize cupboard space, improve traffic flow, or add an extra food preparation area.

Whether you are interested in a custom kitchen remodel, a complete kitchen replacement or a small upgrade, we have the experience and vision to make your kitchen space visually appealing and highly functional.

Our kitchen renovation services include:

  • Custom kitchen design
  • Expansion of your kitchen
  • Kitchen replacement
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Carpet, tile or wood Flooring
  • Lighting, mouldings and finishing


Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations services
Your bathroom is one of the most complex rooms in your home. At New View Home Services we specialize in Kitchen & Bathroom renovations or complete  bathroom construction. Electrical, drains, vents, water lines, tiling, flooring, cabinetry, must all be connected and installed correctly to exceed safety standards. Safety and comfort must coincide and work in harmony with your families needs.

A new or remodelled bathroom from New View Home Services will not only ad great value to your home or apartment but create a new sense of warmth on a cold winter morning.

Our bathroom renovation services include:

  • Custom bathroom design
  • Bathroom shower or bathtub replacement
  • Tile, countertops and wallboard replacement
  • Bathroom vent and/or electrical renovations
  • Carpet, tile or wood flooring
  • Lighting, mouldings and finishing


Bedrooms and Rec. Rooms

Bedroom renovations services
Everyday life gets more complicated and each day seems to move faster than the last. Your rec. room can be the perfect place to relax, relieve the stress of the day or perhaps just visit with family. Your bedroom can be the perfect place to relieve the daily stress and get some  much need rest.

You can trust New View Home Services to craft the perfect Bedroom or Rec. room that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Our bedrooms & rec. room renovation services include:

  • Custom bedroom design
  • Custom rec. room design
  • Carpet, tile or wood Flooring
  • Lighting, mouldings and finishing



Bedroom renovations services
Creating an outdoor living space, that suites the entire family, through all seasons, can be a daunting task. what materials to use and ensuring safety requires a great deal of experience and considerable knowledge. The kind you get from New View Home Services.

At New View Home Services we design our outdoor living spaces to complement your yard and home bring both together seamlessly and creating a complete living area.

Our landscaping services include:

  • Custom sundecks and stairways
  • Complete yard and area landscaping
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Pathways and driveways
  • Full design and construction


Custom Renovations

Have a special project in mind? Perhaps you are looking for a conversion of a basement or attic into a second suites for little extra income?

New View Home Services can help. We have a truly unique and refreshing approach to creating living spaces that “Make Peoples Lives Better“.

Put our experience and depth of knowledge to work for you. Call today: 778.835.6806